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Successful Online Women’s Clothing Brands

Fashion Nova is one of the successful online women’s clothing brands,a newly emerging American ultra-fast fashion e-commerce company.

Founder Richard Saghian opened the first Fashion Nova store in California in 2006. Then he switched to e-commerce in 2013 and launched the official website

Low Price, Big Discount

Most of the official website clothing is the iconic sexy and tight style of the Kardashian family. And prices are only about 30 to 50 US dollars and the discount is very big. Eye-ball-catching discounts always on the website.

Good Social Media Operation Make Women’s Clothing Brands Successful

Among the ultra-fast fashion brands, Fashion Nova, which started in physical stores, took the lead in grasping social media. Its success is inseparable from the love of young people for Instagram.

Fashion Nova publishes new upper body images on Instagram,

every 30 minutes, to attract customers to purchase products on the website, and the update speed is extremely fast.

Its Instagram followers have reached 17 million,

far exceeding its local counterpart Missguided‘s 5.2 million and British ultra-fast fashion e-commerce Boohoo‘s 6.3 million.

But away from head fast fashion brand Zara 37.3 million and H&M‘s 34.2 million are still some distance away.

The careful layout on social media also allows Fashion Nova

to gain more exposure than its peers in the fashion industry.

In the 2018 fashion brand search ranking announced by Google, Fashion Nova is surprisingly ranked first.

Surpassing traditional luxury brands LV, Gucci, Dior, and well-known fast fashion brands Zara, H&M got behind. Become the most searched brands on Google. Fashion Nova has attracted customers to purchase products on the website by posting new upper body images on Instagram. Its Instagram fans have reached 17 million

The target group of most fast-fashion e-commerce is a huge network of internet celebrities and self-portrait-loving young people. These people endlessly post photos wearing the brand’s latest clothing on social media.

In order to satisfy the vanity of young consumer groups on social networks,

ultra-fast fashion e-commerce must quickly release and mass-produce cheap clothes that look expensive.

Fashion Nova founder Richard Saghian said in an interview last year

that young generations who love social media need to buy many different styles

and may only wear them a few times so that their Instagram can always stay fresh.

Supper Rush Supplier Chain

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Driven by social networks, ultra-fast fashion online is showing amazing speed. According to related reports,

the supply chain cycle of British ultra-fast fashion e-commerce companies Boohoo and ASOS from design to listing is two weeks.

The ultra-fast fashion e-commerce company Missguided originated in New York in the United States only needs one week,

Zara is five weeks, and H&M is slightly slower. And traditional retailers need a long 6 to 9 months.

It is reported that Missguided is able to launch 1,000 new products every month and update its inventory once a day,

while Fashion Nova releases an average of 1,000 new products every week, increasing the speed to a new level.

Its founder Richard Saghian once said that if a design concept comes to mind on Sunday night,

then Fashion Nova can produce prototypes on Monday afternoon and post pictures on Instagram.

The same dress that Kardashian attended the banquet, within 48 hours,

there will be similar parity on the Fashion Nova website.

Ultrafast fashion e-commerce has no physical store pressure, with a lighter attitude to achieve a faster response than traditional fast fashion brands.

Fashion Nova posted a new product picture on Instagram,

and the production volume was determined through the reaction of 17 million fans.

The entire process is very similar to the “pre-sale”, and the circulation is faster.

In this way, the supply chain based on social media can respond to changing demands in a timely manner, effectively,

avoiding product shortages and excess inventory, as well as the subsequent price reductions and profitability declines.



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